Natural Stone has established its place as the most preferred choice of materials for landscaping by homeowners, businesses, contractors and builders. There is no other material that can match it for beauty, strength, and the ability to withstand the ultimate test of time.

Natural stone steps, patios, and entryways are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Stonescape Supply offers a wide variety of durable stone products that will look good for years, give a wonderful first impression and add genuine value to your property. For more information regarding our natural stone product selection, please visit our indoor and outdoor showrooms.

Boulders provide a wonderful sense of permanence to the landscape. They blend naturally with trees, bushes, and flowers, creating a full, vibrant picture. They also help the ground retain more water and require little if any maintenance.

Flagstone is a durable rock that is cut into layers, and when installed properly, will give you years of dependable use. Irregular Flagstone has a more natural and rustic look than Pattern Flagstone and is perfect for outdoor patios, walkways, steps, entrances, and can even be used indoors as an alternative to wood floors.

Outcropping is the perfect way to create a timeless natural transition in your landscape. You can use outcropping to create natural-looking steps, or an imaginative decorative feature in your landscape design. We always offer the highest quality outcropping stone, with varied colors and textures.